Teaching in The UK

Want to teach in UK, join our group of teachers having the experience of their lifetime and enjoying travelling around the Europe and UK on their days off. For the past 4 – 5 years teaching in the UK has been highest in demand by qualified teachers from Canada. The fact being that there is an extreme shortage of teachers in the UK, it has been very beneficial for our teachers to pick from the many positions available to them. Teaching global has worked hand in hand with our partners to place our teachers in the schools in London and the surrounding areas in the UK. The positions can be any of the following:

Long Term Teaching Jobs

To cover unfilled vacancies, maternity leave or long term absences, these can last anywhere between six weeks to a whole academic year. So if you are the one who would like the security of a long term teaching job or simply prefer to teach in just one school then this option will suit you best.

Daily Supply Teaching

Our partners in the UK receive hundreds of requests every day from schools for supply teachers to cover short term absence – anything from one or two days to one or two weeks. So if you are the one who does not wish to commit to a long term teaching position, prefer to experience a variety of different schools or simply don’t want to work every day, daily supply teaching is the ideal option.

Guaranteed Work

Our partners offer guaranteed work agreement which offers the security of a long term teaching job with the variety of daily supply teaching. They literally guarantee you daily supply work and pay you even if we have no work for you on a particular day. In return we ask that you guarantee your availability to us.

Permanent Teaching Jobs

Our partners also assists schools to fill their permanent teaching vacancies. Under their permanent recruitment scheme you will be contracted directly by the school and paid directly by them on a monthly basis.